We sit round the table and we talk to each other and listen. Then we do really nice
things like making masks or pop up books or make things with lolly sticks like we are
today and while we are doing that we still talk to each other and we help each other
and share things. I like it a lot. It’s the best thing I do, even better than pottery on
Fridays. I dream about coming here – about what I will do.

When I first came here I used to run around and couldn’t sit down and was very noisy
and kept saying ‘It’s boring’, because I didn’t know how to do it, but now I do know
how to do it because I’ve learnt how to do it and it didn’t take that long. We sit round
the table and talk and then do something on our own but together. I make lots of
things and take them home and tell my little sister how I made it and let her play
with it

For the first few weeks I just did sewing on my own, but now I like to sit round the
table and do things with everyone else. My friend has good ideas so I always like
to see what he is doing.

When the others came and I didn’t, I wanted to come to see what it was like and now
I do. I like the things we do and I like listening to the things people say.

It’s great fun. It’s nice with you. I like it here. It’s calm and quiet. You can draw or
play or do whatever you want to do. I feel happy when I come here.

When I first came to you I thought I would have to do what you wanted me to do,
but then I found out I could do what I wanted to do and you can have peace and quiet
and there’s nobody (ie other children) to boss you around.

I like coming here because it’s fun because we get to play games and make things
that we can’t do at home. I feel happy when I come here.

It’s exciting. It’s excellent because I do things I want to do and I can’t help thinking
about it on Mondays.

I like to play when it’s quiet and there’s no one to disturb you. You can play
any game.

It’s quiet and it’s nice to come and play with my friend away from people chatting in
class all the time and have a chance to play games and to make things and to learn
to make things and then I can make them at home.

When you come here you don’t get bullied like you do in the playground.

If you need someone to talk to you can come here and talk about things that you are
worried about. There’s time to talk properly.


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'In class there are lots of things I can’t do because
it’s hard, but when I come here I feel like I can
do anything. It makes me feel like I am important.'



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