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What People Say

Everyone’s experience of The Circle Works
is different. We offer you a hospitable space
for reflection, you bring the questions that
matter to you, and together we think about
a way forward. This is what some people
have said about the experience.


I've been really thankful for the service that The Circle Works has been able
to provide for me. I've been looking for external support because I am the only
person in the charity I work for, doing my work. I see The Circle Works as my
colleague to bounce ideas off, to discuss any obstacles I encounter, as well as
someone to learn from through shared reflective experiences.

The Circle Works is a place that creates space for me to say what I need to say.
There are no set dialogues, prompts or preconceived notions of how 'talking'
is supposed to go. I speak freely, to which The Circle Works reflects back to me
what I've said. I take ownership. The Circle Works allows me to think creatively,
actively by exploring my thoughts. I feel listened to, supported and able to think
more clearly about my work.

The co-ordinator of a nationwide project for a major charity

As an inner-city Hospital Chaplain, my working life is, at times, exhilarating,
challenging, frustrating, unpredictable and rarely dull! My days are ones of encounter;
with staff, patients and their families and friends, and having a safe and affirming
space to reflect upon my work is not only beneficial, but crucial to my well-being.

I had some difficulty finding a place and person with whom I could explore and reflect,
so when I eventually heard (through a colleague) about The Circle Works I thought I
would give it a go. What initially struck me on my first visit was the sense of welcome
and warmth from the artwork and photography on the walls, and the deep and
authentic hospitality I received. I am always touched by the preparation of the room
and surroundings: that makes me feel cared for.

Through talking, silence, and simply sharing my experiences, I am able to reflect upon
some of the more difficult and challenging aspects of hospital ministry. This time
enables me to "recharge the batteries" on a regular basis, and also to simply "be",
with no expectations or conditions; a safe, protected space so valuable for me; space
ultimately for healing and growth.

A hospital chaplain

Come drought, hail or sunshine, The Circle Works always ‘comes towards you’, and
there is space in which to be heard. We talk, listen to each other’s stories, and find
common ground which is primarily about creating ‘hosted spaces’ in which to
question, strengthen and evolve a form of service.

A community activist

The Circle Works is the one place where I have the space and the time actually to talk
about my work. I can come and talk about anything: I have total freedom.

A headteacher

Has The Circle Works made my life easier? No. Has it made me more successful? Not
yet. Has it made me happier? Well, I’m happy to be here. It’s where I needed to be.
I would have looked for something else if I hadn’t found The Circle Works. The Circle
Works stands for a part of life that is not well recognized in organizations these days.
I am proud to be involved.

A teacher

The Circle Works provides a home for heart-felt questions. It is a safe place to bring
together professional practice and personal intuition. I know of no other place where
it is possible to explore one’s own perspective on one’s work, in a setting where the
breadth of experience is matched by the depth of commitment.

The director of a community organisation

At The Circle Works, I can hear my own thoughts.

A community development worker


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