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If you are feeling frustrated or isolated in your work,
contacting The Circle Works is sometimes a good way
of finding others of like mind.

What The Circle Works Offers



For people working for the benefit of the community The Circle Works can offer
a range of possibilities, from one-off conversations to regular work consultations or
supervision. These confidential sessions take place at The Circle Works’ own quiet,
hospitable premises.

The Circle Works supports people who are striving to keep ordinary human values
alive. We know that this can sometimes be an uphill struggle, especially in a driven
and bureaucratic environment. If you are feeling frustrated or isolated in your work,
contacting The Circle Works can be a good way of finding others of like mind.

If you are considering a change in your working life, it can be useful to talk things
over. We can offer you space to think about possibilities. At such a time our wide
range of contacts can be useful.

An experienced counsellor conducts her practice at The Circle Works. If you think
therapy or counselling might be best for you, she may be able to help you find the
right provision.


The Circle Works supports management teams and other groups by leading sessions
where they can think together, talk properly to each other, and plan for the future
in ways that help them stay true to their ideals. Current or recent examples have
taken the form of regular group supervision sessions, strategic planning meetings,
‘awaydays’ and quiet days.

Group sessions can take place either at The Circle Works, in people’s own workplaces,
or in other suitable locations such as conference or retreat centres.

What kinds of people do we work with?

People we have been working with recently are involved in:

 formal and informal education
 community development
 mental health advocacy
 youth work
 hospital chaplaincy
 parochial ministry
 church-based social action
 work with the homeless.

What happens when you contact The Circle Works?

After the initial contact by email or telephone, we always like to begin with a face
to face meeting, preferably at The Circle Works’ premises in Bethnal Green. What
happens after that can vary. The conversation may be enough on its own, or we may
point you in another direction, or further work might develop between us.

No two pieces of work are the same. By and large, however, people who come to
The Circle Works find themselves

 telling their stories
 articulating the questions that matter to them
 making connections
 thinking about next steps

The Circle Works is a space where people can think and talk about their experience,
and as a result, learn from it.

We practise ‘hosted space’. This means not only that we pay attention to hospitality
and care, but also that the space we offer has a calm and coherent atmosphere that
people say makes a big difference to the way they feel and think.

What does it cost?

The Circle Works is a charity, but to sustain itself it needs to charge fees wherever
possible. It’s best to talk to us about our charges, which vary according to
circumstances, but here are some guidelines.

Where an organisation is paying, the starting point for negotiations is 40 an hour
or 200 a day, but we recognise that budgets are often tight and are always willing
to discuss finances realistically, while asking you to bear in mind that The Circle Works
itself operates on limited means.

When individuals are paying for themselves, we use a sliding scale based on
1 an hour for each 1,000 of annual income, so that someone earning 20,000
a year would pay 20 an hour, but individual rates too are negotiable.


To find out more,
contact Geoffrey Court,
Honorary Director
of The Circle Works.


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